Startups & Entrenpreneurs

Have you got a big idea that uses frontier technologies, and are looking for help? Look no further.

Our team at NBRR is seasoned in helping first-time, and repeat entrepreneurs get an idea into the marketplace, and connect with others within the startup community.  

What We Offer

NBRR offers a space for startups to conduct research and experimentation using the latest technologies.    


A dedicated space to test your ideas using the latest technologies


A dedicated community of advisors who can help you get to the next stage of your startup journey


Connections to the greater NBRR ecosytem

Community & Advisors

We provide startups with a built-in community and advisors to help get from idea to market. Our founding team has helped many companies in their journey from idea to marketable product. 

Accelerated Learning 

There is no better place to learn than in a space where the activities and learnings are accelerated. We provide your startup with a space to test, experiment, and create in through an agile process. 

Frontier Technology Access

The core of what we offer is a suite of technologies including industrial robots, CNC, Lasers, 3D printing, VR/XR, and traditional fabrication tooling to assist in your product development. 

Get Started

Do you have an idea or early team that would like access to frontier technologies for your startup?